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Re: ssh logon failure

I feel like a terrier peeling away an onion.  Darn it, this is going to work!  

I agree with your comment about being in the weeds and started over, in the
process discovering why HOME was set improperly (using the domain switch for
mkpasswd instead of local). I reinstalled ssh, re-ran ssh-host-config, and
now am in this situation: I can ssh in, but only using public key
authentication.  Passwords do not work (and they must for this application). 

When I use a password, the login process seems like it's working - I see the
MOTD, but am immediately disconnected.  The server logs simply state that
the client disconnected.  The client -vvv option shows this (everything
before MOTD not shown):

-I have tried temporarily removing my .bashrc, .profile and so on, but this
does not change the issue.  
-.ssh is owned by me and is mode 700; all .ssh contents are owned by me and
are mode 600
-I've issued "chmod 600 /etc/ssh*"
-I've manually examined all binaries in /bin, /usr/bin, and /usr/sbin to
verify that they have reasonable modes and owners (all are owned by me (an
administrative user), and all are mode 755)
-I own my directory in /home and it has mode 755
-I am not using PAM
-Passwords are not turned off in /etc/sshd_config

Attached is the output of cygcheck.
cygcheck.txt <>  

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