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Re: ssh logon failure

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 6:48 PM, greenspan wrote:
> Larry, thanks for your reply.  I am using windows 7.  I've tried changing
> ownership of /var/empty to cyg_server, but this doesn't help.
> FYI my "Fix" only worked for a day before failing again.  Now I'm back to
> square one.

FWIW I was struggling with setting up ssh on a heterogeneous set of
boxes and all the while I was thinking I had sshd messed up but I
think turned out that the uids on the files in .ssh were inconsistent.
A recursive chown on the .ssh dir and locking the dir/file perms down
to 700/600 solved a heap of problems for me. The one sshd thing that
bit me was DNS, but I set UseDNS no in /etc/sshd_config and cleared
that up as well.

One of the mantras that it helps to repeat is that "ssh on Cygwin
works" so it's
a matter of making sure yourenvironment is right:
- valid uid/USERNAME/HOME in /etc/passwd
- .ssh is in $HOME and chown $USERNAME and chmod 700
- all files in .ssh are chown $USERNAME and chmod 600 (not strictly
necessary, but removes doubt)
- public keys from foreign boxes stashed away properly in .ssh/authorized_keys



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