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Re: ssh logon failure

On 11/11/2013 7:23 PM, greenspan wrote:
Furthermore, I've just discovered that I _can_ log in as the cyg_server user!

This is not recommended for normal use.

From there, if i attempt to su to myself (user greendg1), I see this:

$ su - greendg1
su: warning: cannot change directory to //APLFS01/GREENDG1$: Not a directory
mkdir: cannot create directory `//APLFS01': Read-only file system
//APLFS01/GREENDG1$ could not be created.
Setting HOME to /tmp.

This utterly confuses me; I know what APLFS01 is, but not why it's part of
this horrible mix... I'm guessing that I have an environment variable
problem, and that depending upon how I log in and when, the environment is
improperly set, which is causing bash to fail, which is why I get the
"operation not permitted" error.  But this is all conjecture.

What variable contains the value that bash uses (or ssh or su pass to bash)?

'ssh' gets its home directory from '/etc/passwd'.  For 'cyg_server' this
would be '/var/empty' and the shell would be '/bin/false' (now it's probably
obvious why 'cyg_server' is not meant to be used as a login account).

If you've set HOME in your Windows environment, 'su' may be picking up
on that.  But I think you're heading off into the weeds with this line
of investigation...



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