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Re: upset messages

On Sat, Nov 09, 2013 at 05:51:34PM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>My reply a couple of hours ago was just catched by this #$%@ raw email
>address filter.  I'd really appreciate if we could go along without this
>aggressive email blocking.  It's getting more annoying than helpful,

The raw email filter was working effectively in this case.  You would
have sent a raw cygwin mailing list address if you hadn't been blocked.

So, without the filter, you would have exposed the cygwin mailing list
address and potentially had people tell you PCYMTNQREAIYR (something
which you, yourself, do fairly often).  Sparing the list that traffic
and not adding one more place for spammers is pretty helpful.

But even with that aside, the fact is that you have no way of knowing
how helpful the block is because you only see a bounce when it affects
your sending of email.  I, on the other hand, see the people trying to
send email with corinna-cygwin or lh-cygwin in the body.  It doesn't get
through and, so, often, people decide to send email to the cygwin list
instead, as we require.  I also see the messages which include
cygwin-owner and cygwin in their body, of course.

I know that some of the above could actually be considered a false
positive since neither corinna-cygwin nor lh-cygwin are not what the
block was theoretically supposed to catch but since they fall under
PCYMTNQREAIYR, I have never tried to tighten the filter up.

Finally, "upset messages" discussions are off-topic for this list
anyway.  I understand why they ended up here since I have done the same
thing myself.  I think I've fixed that problem.  I've made modifications
to upset to set the Reply-To to the list of maintainers so replying to
the upset mail (which comes from the cygwin account on sourceware)
should no longer cause email to be sent here.


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