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RE: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: cygcheck-dep-1.0-1

Mikhail Usenko sent the following at Tuesday, November 05, 2013 3:55 AM
>Subject: New package - cygcheck-dep-1.0-1
>Version 1.0-1 of cygcheck-dep has been uploaded.
>cygcheck-dep is a bash script helping to show dependencies for installed
>Cygwin packages. It can be useful if you are trying some Cygwin's
>software and along the line you are installing and uninstalling some
>packages and want to keep your Cygwin's setup root directory clean of
>unused packages.

This is GREAT!  Thanks for putting it together.  I've cleaned out over
100M of cruft.

I'd be interested in getting a more detailed explanation of the
difference between -i and -I.  The best I can tell from experiment, one
can uninstall all packages listed in an island by -i.  But the listings
of -I cannot be uninstalled because package not in the list depend on
them.  If that is correct, how does one use the information given by -I?
What can one do with it?

Thanks again,

- Barry
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