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RE: How about a 64-bit installer that doesn't require UAC?

Denis Excoffier sent the following at Friday, November 08, 2013 1:34 PM
>On 2013-11-08 15:01, Shaddy Baddah wrote: 
>> In my view, this option should only be used by users who understand well
>> enough general Windows file permissions, user privileges, etc...
>> the general security model, and how Cygwin functions accordingly.
>Well, i would say the reverse
>(i.e. elevation is for knowledgeable people), but never mind.
>More importantly, the new -no-admin/-B option is especially beneficial
>for users that are not allowed to elevate or that do not know any
>Administrator password.


This option MUST be used by anyone who does not have administrator
privileges, regardless of their understanding of [what you said].  I
expect that that will prove to be a problem.

If one doesn't have an admin password, one can no longer click on the
link to setup on and just run it.  One must download it
and run it from the command line with -B.  And one needs to know about
-B - there's nothing on the Cygwin home page telling us about it.

(I spend 15-30 minutes yesterday figuring out that my problem with the
new 32-bit setup on Windows 7 Enterprise was that I needed to use -B.  I
expect a first time user will take longer and this this will result in
traffic to this list or people just giving up.)

It would be better if the elevation of privileges happened after the GUI
is presented so that the user could choose.  It could be chosen at the
"Install for" screen, defaulting to what appropriate for "Everyone" or
"Just me", perhaps with a way to override the default.

Sorry, I'm incapable of writing a patch.

Having said that, I understand that the elevation problem was an issue
for others and I appreciate the effort that went into addressing it.

Best wishes,

- Barry
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