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Re: How about a 64-bit installer that doesn't require UAC?


On 04/11/13 22:53, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Nov  3 14:13, Bill Welch wrote:
My apologies for the snark. The list archive ends at the same
message as the top of the second page of the nabble rendering and I
didn't immediately see the additional messages in nabble that
include a workaround.

Setup should work for admins in the first place, without having to
remember explicit elevating every time.  To fix this for the 64 bit
version, the best solution is not just to remove the "require admin"
manifest.  Instead, there's a patch in the loop which allows setup to
elevate itself.  It's just not ready for prime time yet.

I am happy to say that my patch has been accepted, and is ready for
prime time. I understand the latest version of setup on includes this patch.

As Corinna describes, the manifests for setup (both x86 and x86_64) no
longer "require admin". Instead setup will "require admin" at runtime
for Vista and above, but only as the default behaviour.

This behaviour can be overridden via the --no-admin/-B argument to
setup.exe. As suggested, setup will not attempt to elevate to admin
given that option, and will just run as the invoking user.

In my view, this option should only be used by users who understand well
enough general Windows file permissions, user privileges, etc...
the general security model, and how Cygwin functions accordingly.


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