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Re: Optimized Cygwin package

On 04/11/13 14:24, Ryan Johnson wrote:
On 04/11/2013 7:47 AM, Andrey Repin wrote:
Greetings, Kptain!

Today my Cygwin package is around 1.4Gb.
I've tried to restrict amount of package required by distribution, it seems
lot of dependencies are required.
Does someone know how to restrict and optimize Cygwin packages knowing I'm
using it only for this applications?
Given your list - no.
Actually, I'm surprised you've managed to wrest it into 1.5Gb.
Something sounds very wrong about that...

   - gcc
   - python
   - perl
   - mintty
   - shell (mainly tcsh)
   - doxygen
   - make
   - tcl
Off the top of my head, I would expect GCC to be ~100MB, python 30-60MB, shocked if perl/TCL were each larger than 100MB, mintty is measured in kB, most shells and Make are a handful of MB. Doxygen has no strange dependencies.

Even assuming maximal package sizes, that's only 400MB. Where exactly would you expect the other 1GB come from?

Running 64-bit setup.exe pulls the following default package set

FYI: The 32-bit version of doxygen is a little more interesting, as it has clang assisted parsing enabled. Hence 32-bit doxygen also pulls in libclang, along with whatever dependencies libclang requires.


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