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Re: setup.ini dependency graph?

On 10/30/2013 9:51 AM, Ryan Johnson wrote:
On 30/10/2013 8:48 AM, Charles Wilson wrote:
Yeah; even for my stripped-down version, I need to pre-process the
setup.ini and remove all mentions of cygwin, libstdc++6, libgcc1, etc.
The ncurses DLLs are also a huge nexus.  (It's probably easier to
exclude those nodes by mucking with the perl, but...)
Quick question: do you have 1+ known-big-unwanted packages and need to
know who's pulling them in, or are you hoping to take some cut of the
graph that gets as many desirable packages as possible given the space
constraints? The graph-building script here is good for the latter, but
I had the impression you were doing the former; if so, my script might
get you to an answer faster by avoiding information overload.

A combination of the two, actually. I've used both David's script and yours in concert. In addition, I've modified David's script to color the nodes based on origination, and to exclude or collapse 'Base' and/or 'required-by-Base' packages.

I've got a few cleanups, and then I'll share the result. It's already helped me generate a few re-packaging requests I plan to post over on cygwin-apps...


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