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Re: Some first questions.

Gert Koefoed Andersen wrote:
> Hello list.
> I have some first questions for cygwin works on windows 7 by compile sources
> I normally just fine compile on my linux systems but not like to compile
> well and by cygwin.
> The sources I trying to compile is been packed on linux with tar archiwing
> program so I can get the sources over to windows 7 and cygwin.
> So it is then this then.
> 1. where is the best place to unpack the sources for compile by cygwin.
>    My windows cygwin is installed on c:\cygwin and by installing cygwin is
> the cygwin download sources been put at k:\cygwinsrc.
> 2. if the extra sources is best to be places at k:\cygwin, then is it then
> best to handle them for cygwin ?
> 3. Then is it that - the sources have makefiles .cyg and other compilers +
> some main configs like Makefile and huskymak.cfg.
> When I have copied the file makefile.cyg to makefile.cfg and then have this
> file in the main home dir for example - \...\husky\smapi\ and then is got in
> to \smapi source dir and then run make to compile the sources for smapi goes
> it fine to I getting a error of gcc -mno-cygwin and then error 2 of it not
> can find some file it should make and when I checking out for the file is it
> where it should be by not compile to make a .o files for more compile
> finish.
> Regards,
> Gert

There is a standard location for sources, as is for libraries and includes. In
Cygwin it's /usr/src. In some other Linuxes it's /usr/local/src.

I have been compiling lots of source distributions over the years. I am not aware
that you have to move or copy Makefiles. As far as I know you just need to:

cd /usr/src/yournewapp
make install

With the last command, all configuration files are automatically put in the right


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