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Re: gcc4-core packaging bug

On 2013-11-01 15:44, Achim Gratz wrote:
Andrey Repin writes:
The package gcc4-core provides a compatibility symlink for programs that
expect the old gcc naming scheme (like Perl).  The link however is just
"gcc4", while Devel::CheckLib for instance looks for "gcc4.exe".

Report that to the maintainer of Devel::CheckLib
It SHOULD NOT check for .exe suffix under cygwin.

Yes it should, since it does not need to know about the .exe magic
Cygwin performs.  Besides, it gets that information from %Config, which
in turn comes from Cygwin's own Perl.  Once the compatibility link is
named gcc-4.exe, the .exe magic ensures that both checking for an
executable named gcc-4 and gcc-4.exe will succeed, so that's the right
thing to do and not patching whatever number of Perl modules and/or
other build scripts.

Actually, the RIGHT thing to do is to have Perl (updated to 5.14.4 and) built without the CC=gcc-4 hack.


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