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Re: CHERE package missing from 64-bit Setup 2.830

On 10/23/2013 7:27 PM, Charles Butterfield wrote:
Larry - Thanks for your suggestions regarding mixing 32 and 64-bit
installations (CHERE, INETUTILS, PING, etc). I have a couple of follow-on

1) Can I simply copy the 32-bit binaries into the 64-bit "bin"

You could but it's not recommended.  For one thing, you'd be ruining your
32-bit install and setting yourself up to overwrite the 32-bit versions
when the 64-bit ones arrive.  Too messy... at least.

That is, will they work fine with the 64-bit Cygwin DLLs in the path? Or do
I need to augment my path to include the 32-bit bin directories as well
(such as in my .bashrc file)?

You can call the 32-bit from 64-bit-land (i.e. call a 32-bit "ls.exe" from
a 64-bit "bash").  If you want this to happen transparently, I'd recommend
putting the 32-bit bin path in your "PATH" environment variable after your
64-bit paths.

2) I assumed CHERE somehow encodes "where minty and bash are".

Yes, it will use the 32-bit versions of these.



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