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Re: 1.7.25: problem with the cd command in ksh

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 7:00 PM, Christopher Faylor  wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 07, 2013 at 06:44:56PM +0200, Francis ANDRE wrote:

>>Le 07/10/2013 11:54, Andrey Repin a ?crit :

>>>> Can I have a official statement from Cygwin about this? ie that bash is
>>>> supporting MS-DOX path by accident and ksh won't and that is not a requirement
>>>> of Cygwin?
>>>> Or
>>>> Can Cygwin adds the understanding of absolute DOS path as a requirement and fix
>>>> the ksh stuff?
>>> That's a weird request, to say the least.
>>> Why not fix your script instead? It's all wrong, from the way it handle
>>> variable values, to the way it handle paths.
>>> And from my understanding of it, YOU prepending the path manually.
>>> And you dare complain?
>>Hold on Andrey, the script is not mine, it is a tool provided by Sun for making
>>easier the integration of diff from mercurial. I am just a user that want to
>>make it running. I just change all cd by kcd() by that does not work neither

Francis, you could mock java with a bash script which converts file
name arguments to proper Windows paths before invoking java.exe.

> Regardless of who created the script, we are not going to change Cygwin.
> As I said, the whole point of Cygwin is to avoid the use of
> Window/MS-DOS things like C:\foo.  Specifically patching programs like ksh
> to handle MS-DOS paths is not something that makes sense in that context.


The only thing that Cygwin could reasonably do IMHO is to provide a
JDK package.  Not sure though how much effort it would be to make
graphical applications (Sing etc.) possible since Windows versions of
OpenJDK do not seem to be part of the official project.

Kind regards


remember.guy do |as, often| as.you_can - without end

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