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Re: What is wrong with SVN?

David Stacey wrote:
Here are some ideas:

Firstly, check to see which versions of subversion, sqlite3 and cygwin you're using. Check the output of the following command, and if you're using older packages then try updating:

    $ cygcheck -c cygwin sqlite3 subversion
    Cygwin Package Information
    Package              Version        Status
    cygwin               1.7.25-1       OK
    sqlite3              3.7.17-3       OK
    subversion           1.8.3-1        OK

Same here (on XP 32)...

Secondly, make sure you're using the cygwin version of 'svn' (i.e. check that some other subversion client isn't in your path):

    $ which svn

I use only Cygwin...

Thirdly, if the database file is locked then that could point to an old version of sqlite3 (namely clashing with another subversion client (e.g. TortoiseSVN), or some anti-virus software locking a file in the '.svn' directory (e.g. 'wc.db'). See if you can check out into an area of the drive that isn't being virus scanned.

For years I have the same AV (MSE) and I have used SVN without problems...

Fourth, the branch you're trying to check out is quite large. Are you running out of drive space?

No, I have about 30 GB free..

Attached the cygcheck...


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