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Re: Emacs doesn't start from icon after update to 1.7.25 [attn: Chuck]

On 9/25/2013 2:36 PM, KARR, DAVID wrote:
Looks fine.  I'm out of ideas.  Maybe Chuck (the run and run2
maintainer) can help you if you want to pursue this.

Anyone else (Chuck?) have any ideas on this?  As I can't open Emacs
from the shortcut anymore, my current workaround is opening an rxvt
window and running emacs from there.

If it matters, I tried taking my shortcut's command line and altering
it like this:

c:\cygwin\bin\strace.exe -f C:\Cygwin\bin\run.exe -p /usr/bin bash -l
-i -c "emacs -display --debug-init" > strace.log

I'm attaching that strace.log file.  I looked at it, and I didn't see
anything obvious.  I still chuckle over the reference to
"/home/corinna", but I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with

I saw this, but haven't had time to investigate. It's at the top of the list, right after finishing the port/respin of inetutils-1.9 for 32bit and 64bit cygwin.


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