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Re: Fwd: Way to test cyglsa?

On 9/16/2013 3:06 PM, Evan Rowley wrote:
Its great that I now have some actual debug output. Thanks a lot, Larry.

Towards the end of the log this appeared:

seteuid 1019: Operation not permitted

I'll check again that /etc/passwd, /etc/group, cyglsa-config, and
ssh-host-config all have the correct login credentials. Before I do,
is there anywhere else I can look? The cyglsa test from before did
pass so I'm almost certain the passwords entered into it are correct.
Does the order in which a user runs ssh-host-config and cyglsa-config

No, the order of running the config scripts doesn't matter.  cyglsa
can be used with sshd but that's not the only service that would
benefit.  And sshd can certainly be run without cyglsa, as you know.

So does the user running sshd have permission to seteuid?  A properly
configured 'cyg-server' user, as prepared by ssh-host-config, will have
the required permissions for local users.  For domain users, you need
to tweak 'cyg-server' so that it is a domain administrator at least.



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