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Re: Fwd: Way to test cyglsa?

On 9/16/2013 1:47 PM, Evan Rowley wrote:
Thanks for the recommendaitons Larry.

If $USER is the test, then it appears cyglsa is working on this machine.

The firewall is disabled.

Thanks for refering me to the BLODA. I noticed some Symantec products
listed there. Symantec's Endpoint Protection and Symantec's Bakcup
Exec are installed on this server. I doubt those are causes because
the same programs are installed on another server where sshd works. In
fact, that other server is a copy of this server in question AKA the
one which isn't working. The copy was made a few years ago so there
are minor differences between the two machines. During my testing I've
used the same sshd configurations on both and I can't for the life of
me figure out why one works while the other doesn't.

For a while, I thought there was an issue with user switching but
event log shows success for cyg_server and even for the users I
attempt to login with via ssh.

If you haven't enabled debugging for sshd, I'd recommend trying that.  It
can provide info about what the server is doing which can reveal some
helpful details.  Presumably you've been able to get communication to
work fine using password authentication?

These servers sit on a domain with a 'strong password' requirement.
I'm wondering if there are special keyboard characters in the
passwords which may interfere with the way cygwin handles user

Since you're currently dealing with password-less authentication, I don't
think that should be a problem.



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