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Re: Build Failure for APR library

I tried running httpd2 by hand and it dies immediately and violently:

 $ httpd2
zsh: invalid system call (core dumped)  httpd2

 $  cat httpd2.exe.stackdump
Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args

When executed from the bash shell:

$ /usr/sbin/httpd2
Bad system call (core dumped)
xxx@binki /tmp
$ echo $?

A crash like this is not a gracefull exit.  I wonder how one would fine find out about which system call caused the crash.   The MS event look does not showi it.

Is this the same for other folks.  You don't have to use it just download it and run it and report if you get a "bad system call" error message.


David Rothenberger wrote:
> On 9/15/2013 6:08 AM, wynfield wrote:
> > Re: Apache httpd run failure.  Also no data is being writting to log files.
> > So the service is started seemingly fine, then it shuts down without any error messages being written out.
> I don't use Apache under Cygwin myself, but I suggest you get it running
> first by invoking it directly from a shell, then move on to configuring
> it as a service.
> -- 

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