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Re: config.guess and config.sub older than new Cygwin64

On 9/4/2013 6:13 PM, Charles Wilson wrote:
On 9/4/2013 5:43 PM, Earnie Boyd wrote:
Just a note to those of you using Cygwin64 to build packages.  You
will need to most likely replace the config.guess and config.sub files
in those packages with newer ones from because it won't guess your system

Twice now I've seen on config-patches a report submitted because of this.

The versions installed into /usr/share/automake-X.Y/ have all been modified to be the latest upstream as of mid-July -- for all X.Y from 1.4 to 1.14.

Also, cygport itself ships with an identical copy, and modifying your script to call 'gnuconfigize' during src_compile() will update them as well.

Incomplete command.  Tried
src_compile() {
    cd ${S}

    cd ${B}
    export rxvt_cv_struct_utmpx=no
    export DLIB=${B}/W11/wrap/rxvt_res.o
    cygconf \

Robert@Dell-Studio ~
$ cygport /usr/local/src/rxvt-20050409-21.cygport prep|tee ~/rxvtcygportprep.log
---output attached

Robert@Dell-Studio ~
$ cygport /usr/local/src/rxvt-20050409-21.cygport compile|tee ~/rxvtcygportcompile
>>> Compiling rxvt-20050409-21
autoheader --include=autoconf autoconf/
autoconf --include=autoconf autoconf/ > configure
/usr/local/src/rxvt-20050409-21.cygport: line 39: gnuconfigsize: command not found

Robert McBroom

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