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Re: Disabling focus reporting in mintty


Thanks for your pointers.  The issue did indeed lie in my tmux
configuration, but it is confusing why it did not manifest itself

When I created a completely new user account with no settings
whatsoever, tmux did not exhibit the issue I have been describing.  On
a whim, I blew away my tmux configuration and tried again (important
to note: if you have active tmux sessions, you must use a different
socket (-L option) to test a new configuration, or close your open
sessions).  When I eliminated my tmux configuration, the problem was

The only thing that looked incriminating was this line:
set -g escape-time 0

I set this to 0 because hitting escape would cause delays in e.g. vim
when escape was pressed.  See here:
 As a compromise, I set the value to 100 instead of 0.  Problem

As I mentioned, I have never noticed this issue before.  The setting
has existed in my tmux configuration for several years, so I can only
conclude something must have changed recently in tmux.

Thanks for your help!

On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 2:26 AM, Thomas Wolff <> wrote:
> Am 27.08.2013 14:52, schrieb John Koelndorfer:
>> Thomas, thanks for the suggestion.  I thought I had tried that and
>> indeed, when I attempted to disable focus reporting within tmux there
>> wasn't any change.  I'd have to guess that tmux is intercepting the
>> control sequence and probably discarding it.  I don't know enough
>> about terminal emulation to say if that's a sane thing to do.
>> In any case, I'm told in #tmux on freenode that focus reporting can be
>> disabled in tmux 1.9, so it's just a matter of waiting for that
>> release (or building the latest sources).
> Hmm. I've just tried to reproduce the issue by compiling tmux 1.8 myself.
> On my PPC/Debian system it supports focus reporting as expected and does not
> switch it on by default. It both passes through window focus and generates
> its own focus report if switching panes, but *only if* enabled in the
> respective pane.
> I don't see any configuration option which could have affected that, either.
> The behaviour you described cannot be observed; it could be observed,
> obviously, if you enable focus reporting explicitly, or run an application
> that does so (like my editor mined) and kill it with kill -9 (so it cannot
> reset it).
> Otherwise I don't observe your problem. Please check again, is there any
> other source of getting the reports enabled in your environment? Do you
> enable it in your .profile or .bashrc?
> --
> Thomas
>> Thanks again!
>> On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 4:09 PM, Thomas Wolff <> wrote:
>>> Am 26.08.2013 22:54, schrieb John Koelndorfer:
>>>> I seem to have run into some trouble with focus reporting in mintty
>>>> 1.1.2 and tmux 1.8 running on a remote Arch Linux host.  tmux does not
>>>> seem to catch the focus reporting control characters properly and will
>>>> allow the "^[[O" and "^[[I" to bleed through to applications.  Here is
>>>> how I have tested this:
>>>> 1.  Connect to remote host over ssh.
>>>> 2.  Run `cat'.
>>>> 3. Click on the mintty taskbar entry repeatedly.  Note that there are
>>>> no control characters showing up.
>>>> Now, I repeat the above steps, but before running cat, I launched a
>>>> tmux session using `tmux'.
>>>> Now, when I click the mintty taskbar, I see:
>>>> ^[[O^[[I
>>>> repeatedly.  In other applications things will manifest differently,
>>>> but my issue is specifically with irssi where "[I" shows up in the
>>>> input box every time I focus mintty, which is quite annoying.
>>>> In order to try and mitigate this issue, I attempted to echo ^[[?1004l
>>>> per (under version
>>>> 0.4.1).  Exact steps were:
>>>> 1. Launch mintty.
>>>> 2. Run `cat' locally.
>>>> 3. Press "ESC [ ? 1 0 0 4 l", followed by ^D.  I believe this should
>>>> echo the correct control sequence, can someone confirm?  Nothing shows
>>>> up on stdout from cat, so it appears mintty is indeed interpreting
>>>> this as a control sequence.
>>>> 4. Connect to same remote host, run tmux and cat as described before.
>>>> 5. Focus and unfocus mintty by clicking the taskbar entry.
>>>> However, the above steps still show the focus reporting control
>>>> characters bleeding through to cat.
>>>> Am I going about disabling focus reporting correctly?  Should it do
>>>> what I think it should be doing?  Is there some other solution that I
>>>> might be missing?
>>> Reading your report above, it seems tmux enables focus reporting (and
>>> doesn't handle it then...).
>>> So as a workaround, you would need to disable it (sending that escape
>>> sequence) *after* you've started tmux, inside it.
>>> --
>>> Thomas
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