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Re: pasting several lines into the shell -- change from bash3->bash4

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

I can reproduce the effect, and it looks like this is the result of
an accidental checkin.  Thanks for the hint.
Is it?

AFAIK, you can no longer safely paste code into the bash command line
because the TAB char is the default completion character.

If your code is indented w/tabs (concept?!), bash tries to perform
auto-completion where it then rewaits for input depending on your
completion settings.

If you have more than a screen's worth of completions, you can
get a question:
Display all 660 possibilities? (y or n)
At that point all tabs are swallowed, and the first
character of your then clause gets swallowed.

This changed from bash3 where
"no_empty_cmd_completion" used to effectively be

So if you had that set, tabs on an empty line weren't taken
as completion chars, but expanded as tabs.

I complained about the feature loss but most bash users
don't paste code into their shells.  If you are shell
user, you aren't expected to use a GUI editor like gvim.

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