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possible bug in 1.7.22-1 core DLLs


Have been running 1.7.16 for some time
and living with the annoying CTRL-C hang

Tried swapping in cygwin1.dll cyglsa.dll
and cyglsa64.dll from 1.7.22-1 without
(thankfully) updating the entire CYGWIN

The 22-1 DLLs fix the CTRL-C problem,
but cause a high-intensity parallel
build job to fail consistently.  Looks
like 'imake' output Makefiles are somehow
getting corrupted.  The build runs entirely
over a CIFS share via Samba 3.6.10.

I suppose that some dependency conflict
between older version DLLs and the
newer core DLLs could be the cause, but
one would hope that the APIs would be
relatively stable at this point.

Of course I put everything back, but
am reporting to the list since this would
qualify as a serious regression.

To some extent I'm willing to attempt to
hunt down what's failing, but I have
limited time to do so.


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