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cyglsa-config not working properly in cygwin 1.7.22

Hello all -

In the process of trying to diagnose problems building debug with MSVC 2010 SP1 over ssh/pubkey,
I discovered that cyglsa-config does not work on a fresh install of cygwin on:
- XP SP3 32-bit
- Vista 64-bit
I have two other XP SP3 machines that continue to correctly build debug over ssh/pubkey,
after upgrading from MSVC 2008 to MSVC 2010 SP1,
without making any changes to cygwin.  These two machines are running cygwin 1.7.5.

The simple method I discovered to work around this problem is to use "passwd -R",
but I've never had to do this in the past.  In all cases, working or failing, the accounts are local
with administrator privileges.  The effect of "passwd -R" is easily verifiable:


$ set | grep USER (output trimmed)

AFTER APPLICATION of passwd -R (which is the same as running from an interactive
cygwin terminal or from ssh using password authentication):

$ set | grep USER (output trimmed)

Both of the failing machines, prior to reinstalling cygwin, had been used daily for building debug with MSVC 2008 over ssh/pubkey
for several years, and cyglsa-config was used (and required) on both initially to accomplish
this, without the use of "passwd -R".

Any ideas?

Thanks -

J. P. Abelanet

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