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setup.exe annoying behavior

I'm running setup.exe to update my Cygwin installation. I'm also
running a number of Cygwin commands at the same time.

Every time setup.exe tries to update a DLL that's in use, I get a
pop-up message like:

    Unable to extract /usr/bin/cygFOO-1.dll -- the file is in use.
    Please stop all Cygwin processes and select "Retry", or
    select "Continue" to go on anyway (you will need to reboot).

with buttons [Retry] and [Continue].

What I'd like to do is select [Continue] automatically for all
remaining DLLs, so the update will finish without any further
interaction. Instead, I have to manually click the [Continue] button
for each conflicting DLL.

I'm sure this isn't recommended, and I know I'll have to reboot when
the update is done, but if I can do it manually I should be able to
do it automatically.

Can a third button be added that automatically continues the entire
update, or perhaps an option on one of the preceding screens?

Keith Thompson <>

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