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Re: BLODA extension: console interoperability

On 7/25/2013 6:36 PM, Warren Young wrote:
I don't see any console programs on the BLODA.  Shouldn't it include
programs that break under Cygwin due to things like the change from Windows
console to mintty, or the pty (?) work that improves Linux/POSIX semantics?

Generally speaking, BLODA is a term used here to apply to apps that, when
run, interfere with the proper operation of Cygwin apps (things like virus
scanners are the typical problem area, as you know).  To me, what you're
asking about is the opposite of that - non-Cygwin programs that have
problems when run from Cygwin terminals or shells.  I suppose we could
expand the notion of BLODA to cover these programs as well, though I might
personally prefer to describe and list them differently.  Obviously, no
matter what, a list of programs like the ones you're describing wouldn't be
exhaustive, just like the BLODA list isn't today.  I know that's not news.
I'm just pointing out the obvious. ;-)



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