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BLODA extension: console interoperability

I don't see any console programs on the BLODA. Shouldn't it include programs that break under Cygwin due to things like the change from Windows console to mintty, or the pty (?) work that improves Linux/POSIX semantics?

Then there are the even older class of programs that didn't work right even in the cygwin.bat days. I seem to recall that programs in this class failed because they knew too much about how the Windows console worked, and Cygwin couldn't intercept certain direct console accesses for some reason.

I ask only because I don't run into this sort of thing very often, so I didn't have any examples at hand when the issue came up in a question raised in another forum. Ideally, I'd have been able to reference a program that comes with Windows.

The only program I currently use that I know has such problems is rather obscure, so it wasn't a suitable example. I don't even know that it's popular enough to be listed in this proposed BLODA extension. (It's fsharpi.exe from the F# command line toolchain. I'm not even entirely sure what the problem was, since I switched to a Windows console for it over a month ago. Something about it being un-Ctrl-C-able when it is in certain states.)

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