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Re: setup-x86_64: postinstall errors: Package bash 1, Package a2ps 2 and xinit 134

Greetings, Charles Wilson!

>>> But even if /bin/bash is elevated, it doesn't follow that any of the
>>> tools launched within a script -- via cygwin's fork/exec method --
>>> ALSO retain that elevation.
>>> Does it?
>> Yes, it does.  CreateProcess propagates its own user token untouched.
>> Weird question.  Did you ever start an elevated shell and lost your
>> admin permissions in a child process?  If that would occur, nothing
>> would work right in an admin shell.  Even the `id' call would not show
>> the admins group in your supplementary group list.

> OK. At one point I thought there was an issue with propagating 
> elevation, but I guess not.

> it possible to launch setup*.exe in an UNelevated context

Yes, is you rename it to something less apparent. People suggested
"getcygwin.exe" earlier.

> (somehow bypassing the UAC detection, even though we don't ship a
> manifest)?  Then, if the user selects 'Install for All Users' you would 
> see this problem.

Andrey Repin ( 24.07.2013, <17:33>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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