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Re: Rxvt font cycling without numpad

On 7/23/2013 8:46 PM, Josh Litherland wrote:
How can I cycle through my fonts in rxvt (non-X11 version) if I don't
have a numeric keypad?  The manpage mentions bigfont_key and
smallfont_key "if enabled", but I haven't been successful getting them
to do anything.  Perhaps I need to recompile rxvt and enable that

The current rxvt is compiled with

                --disable-shared \
                --enable-xpm-background \
                --with-xpm-includes=${B}/W11/X11 \
                --with-xpm-library=${B}/W11/lib \
                --x-libraries=${B}/W11/lib \
                --x-includes=${B}/W11 \
                --enable-utmp \
                --enable-wtmp \
                --enable-lastlog \
                --enable-menubar \
                --enable-rxvt-scroll \
                --enable-next-scroll \
                --enable-xterm-scroll \
                --enable-frills \
                --enable-linespace \
                --enable-mousewheel \
                --enable-keepscrolling \
                --enable-old-selection \
                --enable-selectionscrolling \
                --enable-transparency \
                --enable-256-color \
                --enable-24bit \
                --enable-languages \

Now, bigfont_key and smallfont_key are available only #if defined(HOTKEY_CTRL) || defined(HOTKEY_META) -- and in rxvt, not everything is controlled via configure options. Some things you have to manipulate by editing feature.h before compiling. This is one of those:

 * Choose one of these values to be the `hotkey' for changing font.
 * This has been superceded and is only for you older users
/* #define HOTKEY_CTRL */
/* #define HOTKEY_META */

If you uncomment one of those two defines and recompile, then you should be able to add something to your ~/.Xdefaults like:

Rxvt*bigfont_key: Right
Rxvt*smallfont_key: Left

so that ALT-leftarrow and ALT-rightarrow do what you want. (The default, without those .Xdefaults entries, is ALT-> and ALT-< -- but it only works if you recompile with HOTKEY_META undefined.

If you define HOTKEY_CTRL, then all hotkeys for font changing would be CTRL-whatever instead of ALT-whatever.


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