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Re: Regression with 1.7.20-1

Christopher Faylor <cgf-use-the-mailinglist-please <at>> writes:

> There is no reason to be nervous about installing snapshots if you think
> a new release will solve a problem.  A snapshot potentially always
> equals a new release.  Snapshots never break things so severely that you
> can't recover by just reinstalling cygwin.

I checked out the FAQ on snapshot installation
and it looks to be enough pain that I want to stick with setup.exe, if at
all possible.  (I custom install several extra packages beyond the base
installation, but don't want to install all, and I really like how setup.exe
has memory of that.)

> And, yes, you should follow cygwin or cygwin-announce for update

1.7.21 came out last week
but I do not see a ctrl-c fix in it.

Even better, 1.7.22 just came out yesterday
and I see this tantalizing bug fix:
	- Fix issue with raise() not causing the process to exit with a signal
	  status.  Also only set "dumped core" flag when it's a "kernel" signal.
That sounds a lot like a fix for the Ctrl-C bug discussed here.

I will gladly install 1.7.22 (heck, I will likely deinstall everything and
try the 64 bit version) to check out if it fixes the bug if there is an easy
way that I can go back to 1.7.18 using setup.exe.

I am having a bit of a hard time, however, finding a mirror that has 1.7.18
and which works with setup.exe.  Some candidate I tried:
Unfortunately, every time I try to run setup.exe and add one of the above
mirrors I get an error message saying something about "Unable to get setup.ini".

If anyone else has seen 1.7.22 fix their Ctrl-C bug, I will take your word
for it and try 1.7.22 myself.

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