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Upgrade Challenges, ssh login failure after update

I just updated Cygwin to the latest version from one that had been installed in maybe 2009... old.

During the update process there was a note to go to to see what had changed in the new version that might affect me, but in the "upgrade" or the "faq" area I could find nothing warning me about anything specific.

I was installing this on a box 2000 miles away where I tunnel remote desktop through ssh. Thank goodness I took down the firewall before I rebooted, because ssh no longer worked after a reboot, and I had to make a direct remote desktop connection to the machine before I got ssh up and running.

I'm sending this mail to warn other users trying to upgrade sshd... After the upgrade I got login failures even though sshd service was running. I Googled and Googled, but I couldn't find an answer; port was open, ssh was up, and ssh connections worked fine (even to the external IP) from the local cygwin ssh, but not from a remote ssh. Logging locally didn't help, ssh -vvv remotely didn't help. FINALLY I figured it out, it was that the USERNAMEs are now case sensitive!!! So "administrator" fails but "Administrator" succeeds. I read somewhere I can fix this now by going back and editing /etc/passwd, but I haven't tried that yet; right now I'm just happy to have my firewall back up and tunneling remote desktop through ssh again. (I did a ssh-host-config in the process of debugging but I don't think I needed to.)

Since I couldn't find this answer I'm sending it now to the list, hopefully the next person that runs into this will find it.

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