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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated:*.exe

On 22/07/2013 16:23, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> We have updated the setup.exe executables on in preparation
> for the upcoming release of Cygwin 1.7.22.
> ...

I hit a couple of problems using the new 32-bit setup yesterday -
during which it managed to break my installation.

System is XP SP3 32-bit - no BLODA issues encountered before.

I usually have no problems upgrading Cygwin - I normally stop
any Cygwin processes if necessary to ensure the update can
complete without a reboot, but even if I don't the fixup-on-reboot
mechanism works fine.  However, setup V2.814 (32 bit) didn't
behave as well - it popped up a dialog box warning of processes in use,
but no processes were listed.  Clicking on "Stop processes" didn't
stop any processes, and the dialog was redisplayed.  Clicking on
"Continue" allowed the install to complete, but after a reboot
I had a broken installation - investigation showed several
dlls (including cygwin1.dll) in /usr/bin and an exe in /usr/sbin had not
been updated, and the new ones were still there with extension .new.
Manually deleting and renaming fixed this issue - but clearly this shouldn't
have happened!  A look at setup.log showed nothing amiss - setup reported
that it couldn't update the dlls/exes, and that a reboot was necessary - so
it should have scheduled the renames for reboot.

A second problem I hit was that I had a system crash (unrelated to Cygwin)
while setup was downloading updated packages.  This lost cached disk
data, so when setup was restarted it detected several corrupt packages
(MD5 sumchecks failed).  It offered the choice of installing anyway or
omitting the affected packages - but I couldn't see a way to make setup
re-download them.  Selecting reinstall didn't work - that would
reinstall the old version but updating again complained of a corrupt
new package (and choosing the install anyway option is *not* a good
idea as it tries to use the corrupt package and fails to unpack).
Manually deleting the affected packages from my install directory
fixed this - but am I missing a better way?

I also had a problem with cygports - I use the setup -K option -
and yesterday the cygports site was missing the setup .ini/.bz2
files - but today I see that's fixed :-)

-- Cliff

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