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Re: runing ./configure on gdb 7.5.50 sources

Kris Thielemans writes:

> I'm using gdb-7.6.50-2 on cygwin 1.7.22-1. All freshly updated today.
> Further investigation shows that 
> - this file exists in cygwin as /usr/include/tcl8.5/generic/tclInt.h
> - /usr/lib/ sets TCL_INCLUDE_SPEC='-I/usr/include'
> - there is no /usr/include/tcl-private
> - a similar problem exists in the next check CY_AC_TK_PRIVATE_HEADERS which
> checks for ${TK_INCLUDE_SPEC}/tk-private/generic/tkInt.h, which is in fact
> in /usr/include/tcl8.5/generic/tkInt.h.
> A look in the tcl source package of cygwin shows that it has a tcl.m4 which
> checks for ${TCL_SRC_DIR}/generic/tclInt.h
> So, it seems to be that gdb/acinclude.m4 is incorrect and should use
> TCL_SRC_DIR as well.
> I can get round this problem by doing the following
> cd /usr/include
> ln -s tcl8.5 tcl-private
> ln -s tcl8.5 tk-private

so, I now do get through the configure, but then "make" fails later with a
message that gcc cannot find guitcl.h. Indeed it's not on my system. Is this
supposed to be generated somehow?

In attempt to get through this, I configured:

../../gdb-7.6.50-2/gdb/configure CFLAGS="-g -O0" --without-tcl --without-tk

but that fails with the interesting double-negative error message.

checking for Tcl configuration... configure: error: no directory doesn't

so... I still cannot compile gdb from source on cygwin. Any hints?


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