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Re: Issue with run.exe and PWD with spaces since last update (Cygwin 1.7.21)

Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!

> On Jul 16 20:29, Andrey Repin wrote:
>> Greetings, All!
>> I'm trying to execute a script that was working fine until recent update.
>> It doesn't crash, just, for some reason, trim the last component of a path.
>> In a nutshell, the issue is this:
>> $ mkdir "/a b"
>> $ cd "/a b"
>> $ ls -l "$SYSTEMROOT/System32/notepad.exe"
>> (just to confirm that the file actually exists)
>> $ run "$SYSTEMROOT/System32/notepad.exe"
>> Error pops up:

> This never works, even in any other directory.  It's the same problem
> which disallows checkX to work, as reported in

Now, it doesn't work >.> Worked before, while I was running tests.
What magic is dat?

> The cause is an optimization when calling cygwin executables.  So far,
> Cygwin executables got their arguments via mmeory copy as well as via
> the single-line cmdline argument of CreateProcess.  We removed the
> latter since it was never meant to work that way in the first place.

> Unfortunately it turns out that run/run2/checkX are Cygwin executables
> which don't have a main routine, but rather a WinMain routine.  The
> latter has a single cmdline argument, which is generated via
> GetCommandLine().  But since Cygwin executables get no single-line
> command line anymore, this stopped working.

> Stay tuned,

I am. In the meantime, I had to use
cmd /C start "" "$( cygpath -alm "$CWD/..." )"

Andrey Repin ( 17.07.2013, <17:52>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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