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Re: Troubleshooting AutoSSH

On Fri, 12 Jul 2013, Andrew Schulman wrote:

> Hi Lee.  Okay, that does seem to narrow it down.
> You're right that autossh doesn't have any ipv4 options.  It hasn't been
> updated in a few years, and I think it's just not ipv6-aware yet.
Looks like it may not be autossh - if I start sshd with a default config,
it works [ssh localhost], .. if I try ssh -4 localhost, nada!

It looks like *sshd* can only bind IPV6 - forcing it to bind IPV4 only
prevents startup.

Windows Firewall is not enabled, .. Trend Micro is installed, but I can
find no evidence it is more than virus scanner. The service user
(cyg_server) is a local Administrator, .. tried Administrator credentials,
but the service still cannot start if I try to force IPV4.

*User* level IPV4 connections (e.g. Firefox) are working, as I just did a
Cygwin reinstall to verify the situation.

Any thought on what might be blocking sshd from binding to the IPV4 stack?
FYI, this is the first machine we have used as a Domain Member, previously
we have only been running standalone; cyg_server is a local user, as is
our admin user.



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