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Cygwin - 64 Bit

I couldn't find a link to the Cygwin 64 Bit Setup on the Cygwin Homepage.
Don't you think it's mature enough?
I think it's already quite useful for the masses, even though it's "experimental"
and applications are missing.
Cygwin is essential for me to "rsync" data between different Machines.
The 32 Bit version is extremely slow on my 64 Bit Windows 7.
But with Cygwin64 I got a huge speedup. Now it's extremely fast.
Especially on a second run, the OS apparently caches the filesystem
structures and rsync gets even faster than on the first run.
Also many other scripts work as expected.
So I switched completely for my ".sh" bash file registry entry
to call Cygwin64 for my automation scripts.
I think you should make this wonderful 64 Bit version more public.
On the homepage there is only the link to the 32 Bit version.
Btw, I still have both versions installed, in case I need some apps
that are not available yet for 64 bit.
It's not a problem with this dual installation.

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