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mingw/math.h not found while compiling R packages


I have R installed through Cygwin ports, and I am trying to compile some
external R packages (from Bioconductor).

When doing so, I get the following error while building the IRanges
Bioconductor package:

> In file included from IntervalTree.c:3:0:
> common.h:59:24: fatal error: mingw/math.h: No such file or directory
> compilation terminated.
> /usr/lib/R/etc/Makeconf:121: recipe for target `IntervalTree.o' failed
> make: *** [IntervalTree.o] Error 1
> ERROR: compilation failed for package =91IRanges=92

As far as I understand, this is an issue related to paths/links on Cygwin,
as math.h is indeed installed by the mingw-runtime package, but R
apparently can't find it.

If you want to reproduce the issue just install R through the Cygwin ports,
open an R session and write:

> source("";)
> biocLite()

which will perform a standard Bioconductor installation.

Can anybody please help me to find a fix or workaround for this?
Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you.

Enrico Ferrero

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