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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xmlstarlet-1.5.0-1

Version 1.5.0-1 of xmlstarlet has been updated


1.5.0: Jul 7, 2013

    - Bugs:
      - avoid segfault on pyx non-existant file
      - fix unescaping of entities straddling 4K byte boundary (Bug #102)
    - Enhancements:
      - unescape hex entities (&#xXX;)
      - give a helpful message if doc has default namespace and
        nothing matched
      - add "_" and "DEFAULT" as names for document's top-level
        default namespace
      - Adding a global quiet option
      - ed: Allow omitting value argument to create empty element.
      - use default attribute values in sel subcommand
    - Build:
      - fix test variables to work with newer automake (1.11 -> 1.13)
      - fix usage2c.awk for mawk
      - scripts for building on mingw


XMLStarlet is a set of command line utilities (tools) which can be used to
transform, query, validate, and edit XML documents and files using simple set
of shell commands in similar way it is done for plain text files using UNIX
grep, sed, awk, diff, patch, join, etc. commands.

This set of command line utilities can be used by those who deal with many
XML documents on UNIX shell command prompt as well as for automated XML
processing with shell scripts.




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