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Re: Home directory issue

On 2013-07-08 11:09-0400 Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

On 7/2/2013 7:50 PM, L. V. Lammert wrote:
After installing Cygwin on a new system that is in a domain, there is
something that is breaking with user setup.

  * The user home directory is not getting created
  * /usr/loca/bin & /usr/bin are not prepended to PATH
  * The user home directory is/cygdrive/Users/<user>,
     instead of/home/<user>
  * The path IS correct in/etc/passwd (/home/<user>)


Is the HOME environment variable set in your Windows environment?  If not,
check the postinstall scripts in '/etc/postinstall', paying particular
attention to those that don't end in '.done'.  If you have some of these,
run them yourself with 'sh <scriptname>' and then move the script to
'<scriptname>.done'  Run the scripts in the order they appear.  Otherwise,
if HOME is defined in the Windows environment, just remove the definition.
You may find you have to rerun some of the postinstall scripts to "recover",
particularly ''.  Or you can try wiping the
installation and starting over.

I experienced all the same symptoms reported by the OP with my
setup.exe on Wine attempt.  So you have given me hope that some of the
errors I saw were due to not setting HOME.  Could you be more specific
about exactly how HOME should be set "in your Windows environment".

Under Wine I can get into a cmd environment.  From there the top-level
directory of the Cygwin installation directory that I usually create
with setup.exe is designated as


That same directory is designated as


from the bash/wine environment.

What exact cmd command should I use to set HOME for user "wine" before
I run a setup.exe from cmd to establish a Cygwin installation tree
from scratch whose top-level is given above? Would it be

set HOME=z:\home\wine\newstart\cygwin\home\wine

or something else?

I prefer the bash environment so if I set the HOME environment
variable from there would setup.exe (run from bash) pick that up
and use it?  If so, would it be set by

export HOME=/z/home/wine/newstart/cygwin/home/wine

or something else?   (As you can probably tell, I am having some
difficulty in sorting out the differences in the way directories and
environment variables are specified, at the bash/linux, bash/wine,
cmd/wine, and cygwin/wine levels.)

Are there any other environment variables that should be set as well
before running setup.exe for a fresh install?

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