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Re: Failure with fork() (Cygwin on Wine install now sort of works)

On 2013-07-04 13:39-0700 Alan W. Irwin wrote:

So if the consensus here after looking at the setup_install.out
results is that cygwin on Wine is more or less installed properly from
these results (except for the rename issue above which I can fix by
doing that rename manually as suggested by the error message), then
the next order of business [...]

I have now looked more carefully at the setup_install.out results that
are wrapped inside a tarball I attached to a previous post in this
thread.  At the same time I have also looked at the resulting files in
my cygwin install tree.  It turns out that because of errors the first
install script created an empty /etc/fstab rather than the desired
result and also was unable to create the /dev directory. These issues
very likely had follow-on effects for several of the other postinstall
scripts that were run (for example, all the read-only filesystem error
messages when any attempt was made to write to /dev.) Anyhow, it now
seems likely there are at least a couple of Wine bugs that are still
preventing a clean postinstall phase for setup.exe on Wine, and the
rest of this story will continue for now at  Meanwhile, I thank the
people here that (a) helped to fix the Cygwin fork bug, and (b) gave
me good directions for trying out that fix before it becomes part of
an official Cygwin release.

Alan W. Irwin

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