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Re: lftp bug: mirror [-R] didn't work with sftp connection

Yes, I have same problem.
This is the problem in version 4.4.7 of lftp - see
Problem is solved in 4.4.8.
As a workaround downgrade to 4.4.4, until cygwin adopts version 4.4.8.


On 3.7.2013 7:31, Arthur Tu wrote:
$ lftp sftp://usr@addr

I can mget or mput files with sftp connection. However, when it comes to directory operation, lftp always failed.

Both `mirror abc` to download whole directory or 'mirror -R abc' to upload whole directory didn't work. The former one stuck at 'mkdir abc' while the latter one stuck at 'cd abc'. So i guess it's some bugs of operations on local file system.

Some more information on another two conditions.
1. `sftp usr@addr`
I can use 'get -r' to download whole directory.

2. 'lftp someusr@another_addr'.
When i used lftp to connect to normal ftp servers instead of sftp ones, `mirror` worked.

Can someone reproduce this problem?

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