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Re: emacs very slow; zombie processes eventually cleared

Ken Brown <> writes:

> On 7/2/2013 11:41 AM, Rockefeller, Harry wrote:
>> When I start emacs I get this message:
>> (emacs:192): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_distribute_natural_allocation: assertion `extra_space >= 0' failed
> Are you saying that this happens every time you start emacs?  Does it
> even happen when you start with 'emacs -Q'?  If not, maybe you could
> do some testing to figure out what in your initialization (including
> X11 initialization) triggers it.  This might help to pin down the bug.
> I think I might have mentioned once before when you wrote about zombie
> processes that there is a known problem in emacs-24.3 that can cause
> problems with subprocesses.  This is caused by race conditions between
> emacs and glib.  The problem has recently been fixed on the emacs
> development trunk.  If you'd like, I could build emacs from a snapshot
> of the trunk and let you test it to see if some of your problems go
> away.
> Ken

Yes, please, I think I have been bouncing off of this myself lately...


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