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Re: octave-3.4.0.exe: error while loading shared libraries

Il 7/3/2013 5:41 PM, gennari.federico ha scritto:

Hello there,

wrong mailing list.
Please use cygwin(at) for this type of issue,
for follow ups

I'm sorry to disturb but as an absolute beginner with
Cygwin I couldn't find the correct answer to this problem, even if I
found some interesting clues from previous answer in mailing list

This is my very
first installation (default + math package; Windows 7 machine), I did
not performed any change or customization but I tried to re-install the
whole a couple of times to recover, unsuccessfully.

As the former
reporter said in aforementioned question, I get this error:

gennarif@NIDORAN ~
$ octave
/usr/bin/octave-3.6.4.exe: error while
loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object file: No such
file or directory

Then I performed the suggested check but got
different output

gennarif@NIDORAN ~
$ cygcheck octave-3.4.0.exe

cygcheck: could not find 'octave-3.4.0.exe'

gennarif@NIDORAN ~
cygcheck -l liblapack0

That's really strange because Octave package DO exist in this
path (which has not the /usr/ parent folder):

/usr/bin is mounted on  /bin
(same content)

As so the the dll:


I will bet "/usr/lib/lapack" is missing from your PATH

see "/etc/profile.d/" content

thanks in advance,


If you have still issue, could you as reported on

"Run cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out and include that file as an attachment in your report. Please do not compress or otherwise encode the output. Just attach it as a straight text file so that it can be easily viewed. "


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