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Re: Where's lpr?

On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 4:52 AM, Schweikhardt Jens (LP21) <> wrote:
> hello, world
> I'm looking for lpr; the Cygwin FAQ tells me it's
> in the cygutils package, but that appears to be no longer true:
> 4.16.   How do I print under Cygwin?
>         lpr is available in the setup.exe cygutils package.
> $ cd /etc/setup
> $ zcat cygutils.lst.gz
> usr/bin/cygstart.exe
> usr/bin/mkshortcut.exe
> usr/bin/readshortcut.exe
> usr/share/man/man1/cygstart.1.gz
> usr/share/man/man1/mkshortcut.1.gz
> usr/share/man/man1/readshortcut.1.gz
> There's no installable lpr package either I can find.
> Am I blind or has lpr gone missing? Thanks for any clue.
> Jens
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lpr was moved to the cygutils-extra package in order to reduce the
number of dependencies needed during base install.

Robert Pendell
A perfect world is one of chaos.

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