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Re: autoreconf/gettext puzzle (was Re: sed match DOS end of line)

On 2013-06-27 09:49, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
Ok, here's me, even more puzzled.  FIW, the 4.2.2 packages have *not*
been built the same way as the 4.2.1 package.  The difference is running
autoreconf (4.2.2) vs. not running autoreconf (4.2.1).

Were these natively compiled or cross-compiled? The latter pulls in gnulib functions in place of libc's (Cygwin) without intervention during configure.

If I build sed with the auto configury unchanged, I'm back to an sed
which handles the CR just as the old sed 4.2.1 package:

   $ sed --version | head -1
   sed (GNU sed) 4.2.2
   $ od -c eol
   0000000   e   n   d   o   f   l   i   n   e  \r  \n
   $ sed 's/e$/X/' < eol

However, 4.2.2-1 and 4.2.2-2 packages have been built running autoreconf
first, which, besides other things, updates the included gettext stuff
from version 0.17 to version 0.18.1.

So I'm wondering if the latest gettext is the culprit here, but I'm not
fluent enough in the differences within gettext to see where the problem

I doubt it; as long as libintl is dynamically linked, the gettext build infrastructure just handles rules.


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