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Re: libtool weirdness (was Re: Broken MPIR 2.6.0 on Cygwin64)

On Jun 21 16:56, Jean-Pierre Flori wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here is my experience with a shared version of the library after taking 
> Corinna's message into account, starting from a clean MPIR tarball (except 
> for updating the FSF config.sub/guess) without autoreconfing, and using 
> the Cygwin shipped yasm rather than the one included in MPIR (in case the 
> Cygwin one has patches).
> Le Fri, 21 Jun 2013 13:33:57 +0200, Corinna Vinschen a ÃcritÂ:
> > Then I tried to build it.  Of course, cygport autoreconfs and our
> > libtool version 2.4.2 is installed.  Configure runs fine.
> > 
> > When building, first it failed to build in the mpn subdir, because it
> > accidentally calls yasm with the -f elf64 flag.  I fixed that locally by
> > tweaking mpn/Makefile by setting OBJECT_FORMAT from -f elf64 to -f
> The -f elf64 did not make the build fail, but as this suggests I changed 
> from the memory of all my collegues. it to -f win64...

It made the build fail for me in the link stage, because ld complained
about trying to link ELF with PE/COFF.


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