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Problems with file permissions during a build


I have been experiencing problems with building several unrelated
projects on Cygwin/Windows 7. One of them is GCC 4.8.1, another is a
project that uses CMake to create the Makefiles. The problems occur
either during the configuration
(the CMake-based project) or during the make itself (GCC).

What happens is that during the build files are created that have a
file permission
of ---------, which makes them unusable by the next step in the build.

According to the FAQ this could be caused by the translation between
POSIX permissions and the Windows ACE information.

To get around that, I tried to turn off ACL for the disk I am working
on, but that
failed. Obviously I am doing something wrong. But I can not find the information
to solve this issue.

Do you have any suggestions?

I have attached the result of cygcheck, as suggested in the reporting



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