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Re: [64bit] Xlib.h not available in cross-compile-to-self usage

On 2013-06-12 17:51, Arthur Norman wrote:
Thanks. I am building the code from and
in particular updating the build system there so that anybody who
fetches will be able to build. The part that I am mostly concerned with
uses either the FOX toolkit for its GUI stuff or wxWidgets (each built
from source)

FYI, both of these are available in Ports for i686-cygwin and *-mingw; I haven't got that far yet for x86_64-cygwin. If there is interest, I would be willing to move any of these into the distro.

So my note here is more a note of incompleteness and a hope that
eventually eveything that can be built by plain "gcc" on regugar 32-bit
cygwin will be buildable using either i686-pc-cygwin-gcc or
x86_64-pc-cygwin-gcc - with X11, Xft, Xranrd, fontconfig being the
components I am most waiting for but not feeling a need to make my
request an urgent one!

Not that everything can be cross-compiled, but I understand that those with 64-bit machines are going to want to use x64 as much as possible. How far we go with the cygwin32-* and cygwin64-* packages will depend on demand, but is it entirely feasible to do at some point.


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