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Re: resuming backgrounded job causes hang (Cygwin 1.7.19 / Dothan 1.7GHz)

Le 06/06/2013 08:25, Sumudu Fernando a écrit :

I'm having a weird issue in 1.7.19.  As per the subject line, when I
try to resume a backgrounded job, I get a hang (after bash echoes the
job name).  I couldn't find anything about this in the list archives,
possibly because it may be limited to specific architectures (more

simple testcase from a fresh terminal (I'm using the default mintty, with bash)
$ ls | less
<CTRL-Z to background less>
$ fg

whereupon bash echoes the job name (in my case "ls -hF --color=tty |
less -r") and then nothing happens (no response to input AFAICT)

Interesting things:
- this only happens on my (ancient) laptop (this is why I mentioned
the processor in the subject line) -- it *does not* happen on my
desktop machine (which is a Q6600, nearly ancient now I suppose).
- Windows task manager shows the process I tried to resume at high CPU
usage, and if I kill it from there ("end process") bash recovers fine
- I can open a separate cygwin terminal and see the "ls" in the output
of ps.  It does *not* have an "S" beside it to indicate a suspended
process.  "kill" does nothing, "kill -9" hangs (until I kill via task

I attached cygcheck output; I did get some errors (that are in the
file also) but I don't know what they actually mean (if anything).

FWIW, this did not happen with 1.7.17 (I skipped 1.7.18).

This problem seems to be very similar to the thread "Bash sub-shell freezing in Midnight Commander".

Something went wrong after 1.7.17 (or its dependencies ?)

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