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Re: CppUTest generated executables hangs after cygwin auto-update

2013-05-24 and 2013-06-03 snapshots are working fine.

Thanks and best regards,

Am 24.05.2013 23:31, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
On May 24 17:11, Ralf Glaser, track IT wrote:
I attached strace log:
2. failed when called from /cygdrive/c/Tools/... with 2012-11-23 DLL

Hope that helps.
Actually the straces didn't really help, but that's not your fault.
I grabbed CppUTest, built it and could immediately reproduce the
problem.  It's a Cygwin DLL build problem which has been introduced
between 1.7.17 and 1.7.18 when we made a pretty invasive changed to the
build system after switching from using Mingw-w64 instead of

What happens is that the Cygwin DLL uses the wrong entry points for the
new and delete functions.  In theory the DLL is supposed to use its own
internal implementations, but accidentally it uses the external new and
delete entry points which are supposed to be used by the application.

The hang is not really the problem, rather it's just a followup effect
of that build time misbehaviour, combined with the fact that CppUTest
defines its own new and delete functions.

The actual bug is a gcc flag which has accidentally been used when
compiling object files, rather than when linking the DLL, where it
belonged.  I fixed that in CVS and I just generated a 2012-05-24
snapshot, which you can download from
Please give it a try.

For those already running the 64 bit Cygwin, I'm also generating a
1.7.19-6 64 bit cygwin package right now, which should be available
in half an hour at the latest, too.  The 64 bit Cygwin suffered the
same problem, I just couldn't test CppUTest because it doesn't build
cleanly on 64 bit Cygwin.


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