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Re: no stdout/stderr from cygwin compiled exe

Il 5/31/2013 9:06 PM, Balaji Venkataraman ha scritto:
I have a program that I build on Linux, Cygwin (32bit) and Windows
(MSVC) using cmake. The weird and frustrating thing is I don't have
stdout/stderr working in the Cygwin version. And it is only with this
particular binary and only on this one specific Cygwin installation (a
laptop running Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit). I have another Cygwin
(32bit) install on Win7 Pro (32bit) machine and that works fine. Some
other folks who build/run the exact same program don't have the
problem either. I've searched through the mailing lists and saw
old responses which suggested either re-installing Cygwin or trying
out a newer version of the Cygwin dll. I'm not sure what information
would be relevant for one of you to help me so I'll start with a
cygcheck output from the problem machine. If anything else is needed,
please let me know.

Are you running the program inside mintty or what ?

Could you at least provide the output of
cygcheck <your progam>

$ cygcheck -s -r -v > cygcheck.txt
       0 [main] cygrunsrv 11432 open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace
to cygrunsrv.exe.stackdump

This error should not happen, so something is interfering with cygwin

One other difference between this one and most other binaries is this
cmake flag:
# WIN32 creates /subsytem:windows (and not /subsystem:console)
add_executable (${PROJECT_NAME} WIN32 ${SOURCES})

for cygwin program WIN32 is not defined, are you building
a NOT cygwin program ?

But I wonder whether that is relevant since the exact same flag still
produces stdout/stderr in the other cygwin installations. I hope I can
find a solution without wiping my current Cygwin install. TIA.

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